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Proprietary informatics platform to identify complex correlations in anti-inflammatory pathways
WOBURN, MA and SALT LAKE CITY, UT - March 14, 2001 - Silico Insights, Inc., a provider of innovative bioinformatics solutions and Ashni Naturaceuticals announced a collaboration to apply informatics techniques to identify regulatory and post-translational pathways from genomics and proteomics data. Ashni plans to apply its patent-pending genomic BIOPrinting™ technology to characterize anti-inflammatory action of mixtures of natural compounds. Silico Insights will apply its proprietary informatics platform to establish dependencies and pathways from the complex research data using advanced computational and visualization techniques. The two companies have filed a joint patent application.

"This collaboration will not only result in Ashni developing superior, patent-protected products but will also build intellectual property with Silico Insights. This patented technology will help biotech / pharmaceutical companies in their goal to accelerate drug discovery, diagnostic and therapeutic product development," emphasized Dr. Dinesh Patel, Chairman/President/CEO of Ashni Naturaceuticals.

Post-genomics research based on the availability of human gene sequences focuses on studies of gene function, regulatory effects, protein-protein interactions, and their role in drug discovery and disease treatment. Proteomics research promises the elucidation of regulatory pathways that can help design and optimize drug development. Mathematical techniques required for the analysis of post-genomic data will have to be sophisticated enough to address the complexity of data disparity, multi-dimensionality of relationships and interdependent pathways.

"The ability to rapidly identify genetic pathways and the means to regulate them using various natural compounds promise new ways to discover treatments for pain," explained Dr. John Babish, Executive Vice President of Research at Ashni. "Integrating state-of-the-art informatics techniques from Silico Insights helps us decipher the complex data into meaningful high-value information with speed and accuracy," he added. By combining genomic and proteomic research with the study of natural compounds, Ashni will build compound libraries that identify drugs to effectively treat a variety of diseases with minimal side effects.

Silico Insights' informatics platform specializes in establishing quantitative relationships in scientific data and integrating results from disparate data sources to create a comparative basis through the development pipeline. "We are well positioned to deliver solutions for the evolving post-genomics drug development industry," commented Dr. Nandan Padukone, President of Silico Insights. "Our informatics strategy is in sync with the promise of genomics - better predictability of drug development and disease treatment resulting from a better understanding of drug behavior and from integration of the drug pipeline," stated Dr. Padukone.

"We are excited about applying our platform to Ashni's research," added Dr. Christos Hatzis, co-founder and VP, Technology of Silico Insights, "particularly because post-translational behavior and effects of natural compounds add dimensions of complexity that provide unique opportunities to demonstrate the value of informatics."

About Silico Insights
Silico Insights, Inc., is a provider of innovative web-enabled informatics solutions that enable drug companies to extract comprehensive knowledge from complex drug data in hours instead of weeks or months. Powerful analytical approaches combined with interactive graphics allow researchers to identify and analyze drug profiles that maximize effectiveness, reduce development cost, and shorten product time to peak sales. Silico Insights, Inc. is located in Woburn, Massachusetts. For more information visit the web site at or send e-mail to

About Ashni Naturaceuticals
Ashni Naturaceuticals, Inc., with its corporate offices in Salt Lake City, Utah, specializes in the research, development and marketing of clinically tested and patent-protected naturaceutical products. For more information visit the web site at or send e-mail to

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