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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - January 20, 2000 - Ashni Naturaceuticals, Inc., has completed its acquisition of BIOnexus Genomics, Inc. of Ithaca, New York, the originator of the BIOprinting™ - process, which utilizes a combination of genomic and proteomic analysis to develop proprietary dietary supplements and functional foods.

"The incorporation of the Genomic BIOprinting™ process provides Ashni with a technology platform superior to any currently applied to the development of botanical/nutritional formulations," says Dinesh C. Patel, Ph.D., Ashni Chairman, President and CEO.

"What will make some brands stand above the rest will depend largely upon the results of clinical studies indicating efficacy, potency standardization, and manufacturing quality. Companies having patent protected, clinically effective products will have the opportunity to thrive in this crowded market place," says Patel.

"With the addition of genomic, proteomic and signal transduction technologies, Ashni will standardize quality and discover patentable combination products with proven synergistic effect. Pairing our unique products with controlled release and alternative delivery technologies will provide one more proprietary layer of protection. Clinical testing of Ashni’s natural products will further validate our formulations, demonstrating safety and efficacy," says Jill T. Turner, Ashni Vice President of Business Development.

"Whereas standard formulation procedures require foreknowledge of the mechanism of action, Genomic BIOprinting™ actually uncovers the mechanism of action in process. Our method no longer requires separation technology. Quantification of all biologically active components takes place simultaneously. BIOprinting™ rapidly characterizes the safety index, potential drug-supplement interactions, and the probability of successful clinical outcome," says BIOprinting™ inventor John G. Babish, Ph.D., Ashni Executive Vice President of Research and Development.

Ashni Naturaceuticals, Inc., with its corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, and primary laboratory facilities in Ithaca, New York, specializes in the research, development and marketing of clinically tested and patent-protected naturaceutical products.

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