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Nutritional Outlook
Ashni Acquires BIOnexus

Ashni Naturaceuticals, Inc. has completed its acquisition of BioNexus Genomics, Inc., the originator of the BIOprinting™; process, which employs a combination of genomic and proteomic analysis to develop dietary supplements and functional foods.

"Ashni was established to develop and manufacture high quality, clinically proven and patent-protected naturaceutical products," says Jill Turner, Vice President of Business Development, Ashni. "With the addition of genomic, proteomic and signal transduction technologies, we'll standardize quality and discover patentable combination products with proven synergistic effect. Where applicable, pairing our unique products with controlled release and alternative delivery technologies will provide one more proprietary layer of protection. Clinical testing of Ashni's natural products will further validate our formulations, demonstrating safety and efficacy."

The Quality Firewall

New Test Methods

Ashni Naturaceuticals, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT, developed a test method called Genomic BIOprinting™; which predicts how compounds interact with each other. The technique predicts possible interactions and can speed up clinical trials. It also helps identify molecular level to strengthen patents.

"Unlike the pharmaceutical industry, nutritionals develop complex mixtures for the prevention and treatment of specific health conditions. In the simplest terms, Genomic BIOprinting™; is all about perfecting truly synergistic fomulas, 1+1=3," says Jill Turner, Vice President of Business Development. "It allows us to identify mechanism of action, identify novel combinations of compounds and optimize their synergy. The process can uncover potential toxicity and drug interaction. It also can characterize molecular changes in diseases determining novel sites for drug action, often allowing us to target multiple pathways enhancing efficacy and reducing dose.

BIOprinting combines information obtained from gene expression using microarrays with information on post-translational protein modification obtained from proteomic experiments using Western blot or 2-dimensional gels. "Whole cell systems are exposed to marker compounds or to botanical formulations, and the resulting cellular responses in gene expression profiles and protein processing are mathematically correlated using statistical discriminate analysis," explains Turner.

"Unlike standard pharmaceutical screening procedures, BIOprinting does not require any prior knowledge of the underlying mechanism of action of a botanical mixture, and there is no need to separate or quantitate individual active components," says Turner. "We are able to detect synergistic actions of multiple bioactive components and to make predictions of mechanism of action, drug interactions, toxicity and clinical efficacy."

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