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Ashni has assembled a management team that has over 50 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and naturaceutical industries
Dinesh C. Patel, Ph.D. - Chairman, President & CEO

Dr. Patel is currently Co-founder and Chairman of Salus Therapeutics, Inc., a privately held biotechnology company located in Salt Lake City, Utah, which is focused on the research and development of nucleic acid-based therapeutics, including antisense and gene therapy drugs. Dr. Patel is a Managing Director of vSpring Capital, an early stage venture capital fund. From 1985 - 1999, Dr. Patel served as Co-founder, Chairman of The Board of Directors, President & CEO, of TheraTech, Inc., a Salt Lake City, Utah based company, that has been a pioneer in the development and manufacture of innovative drug delivery products. Under Dr. Patel's guidance, TheraTech established strategic alliances with major pharmaceutical companies including Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Proctor & Gamble, Roche, and SmithKline Beecham. In January 1999, TheraTech was purchased for approximately $350 million by Watson Pharmaceuticals, a California based company. Dr. Patel has been the recipient of numerous awards, including Scientific and Technology Award (State of Utah), and Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Mountain West Venture Group), to name just a few.

John G. Babish, Ph.D. - Senior Vice President, Research & Development

Dr. Babish is a molecular biologist who served as a tenured Associate Professor of Toxicology and Pharmacology at Cornell University for 17 years. In 1991, he pioneered the application of signal transduction technology to the understanding of the mechanism of action of nongenotoxic carcinogens. Dr. Babish has authored or co-authored over one hundred peer-reviewed scientific articles, eight position papers, and two book chapters. He holds nine patents relating to various applications of signal transduction technology and to drugs for infectious and noninfectious diseases. Within the context of his clinical duties at Cornell University, Dr. Babish consulted on the development and FDA approval of three new fluoroguinolone antimicrobials in both human and veterinary medicine. Since 1997 his work has focused on methodology for the formulation of novel complex mixtures of natural bioactive ingredients. Dr. Babish is currently the National Coordinator of the USDA's Minor Use Drug Program that directs research on the safe and effective use of antibiotics in agriculture. He has directed the successful technology transfer activities of three companies from Cornell University and raised in excess of $16 million dollars in these efforts.

Stefan Arver, M.D., Ph.D. - Vice President, Clinical Research

Dr. Arver is a physiologist and clinical endocrinologist with over twelve years' experience in clinical research focusing on anabolic mechanisms of androgens. He published over one hundred scientific papers, book chapters and review articles. In addition to his clinical responsibilities at the Karolinska Institute (Sweden), Dr Arver is a guest professor of endocrinology with the UCLA Department of Medicine and has had a longstanding consultant relationship with TheraTech, Inc. Dr. Arver has also held numerous consulting positions and conducted clinical studies for leading pharmaceutical companies including Abbott International, Astra, Baxter, Pharmacia & Upjohn, Schering Plough, and TheraTech, Inc. Dr. Arver provides Ashni Naturaceuticals with a European base from which to conduct clinical studies, as well as to support business development activities in Europe.

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