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Ashni's Genomic BIOprinting™ technology is a proprietary and patent pending technology that, for the first time, combines a coordinated, cutting edge application of genomic, proteomic, signal transduction, and statistical modeling techniques. The unique synergistic application of these combined technologies enables Ashni to provide proprietary solutions to the nutritional product (including dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, functional and medical foods) industry's most critical needs:

1. Development of science-based products with proven efficacy and safety without the high development costs and long development times.
2. Safety verification for existing products composed of unique mixtures of individual or complex ingredients.
3. Identification of interactions with prescription pharmaceuticals.
4. Standardization and verified consistency of composition and product activity. This includes products characterized by individual complex materials (such as botanicals) and/or complex mixtures of isolated and/or complex materials.
5. Development of patentable products.
Characterization of changes in gene expression (genomics) has become one of the most popular techniques in the pharmaceutical industry to establish mechanisms of drug action and toxicity. The ability to monitor disease- and drug-induced changes in 10,000 or more genes in a cell has generated an enormous flood of information on alterations in gene expression by microorganisms as well as chemicals. When and why genes are differentially expressed, however, does not provide all of the information necessary to establish mechanism of action for

drugs and chemicals. Many actions of the cell are controlled primarily through signaling pathways that are independent of changes in gene expression.

Nevertheless it has been estimated that the relationship between gene expression and production of functional protein is only 0.50. Thus in order to understand the changes in functioning of the cell with particular patterns of gene expression, a measure of protein processing is necessary. Proteomics is the characterization of protein processing. Ashni's Genomic BIOprinting™ technology relates alterations in gene expression with proteomic changes to determine mechanisms of action and toxicity.

This schematic illustrates the experimental design for Genomic BIOprinting™. Living cells are exposed to Agent A, Agent B or Agent A plus B. Response in the target cell is characterized by relating differential gene expression and alterations of protein post-translational changes. Altered gene expression is determined through the isolation of mRNA and RT-PCR synthesis of cDNA. Post-translational modifications of proteins are determined by 1- or 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis.

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