Oral Controlled Release
Ashni's oral controlled release technology can provide sustained release for both hydrophobic and hydrophilic compounds, and can be formulated to optimize absorption. Tablets are produced using conventional manufacturing processes utilizing materials that are approved by the FDA for dosage forms.
Gelcaps / Softgels

The gelcap delivery alternative masks odor and taste, aids in swallowing, and creates an oxygen barrier for increasing product stability. Individualized natural colors and brand identification can be incorporated to customize product.


Sugar-free lozenges can provide controlled release of a wide variety of product formulations for both local and systemic effects. These systems are able to provide rapid absorption and fast onset in a form that provides pleasant taste and consumer appeal.


Topical formulations for a wide variety of skin applications are possible by utilizing skin penetration enhancement technology. Ashni's systems can provide topical dosing at far greater levels than those provided by conventional topical formulations, leading to dramatic improvements in efficacy and maximized cosmetic appeal.

Convenient patch delivery systems can be designed that incorporate anti-irritant ingredients and proprietary skin penetration enhancers. A variety of thin, flexible and cosmetically aesthetic designs are available.

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